District Support for Standards-Based Teaching and Learning

Lincoln Unified’s core curriculum is designed for all students. It is the result of thoughtful and thorough study of a wide selection of pertinent materials and models. State standards, frameworks, and current research regarding programs and instructional strategies are among the resources that inform and guide the development of site and district plans for student achievement. Planning at each of our schools ensures that all stakeholders participate in the development of programs and strategies to meet the needs of our students. Parents, staff, and the students themselves assess students’ needs. Many of our schools employ parent-teacher-student goal-setting conferences. These provide a forum to explore and assess student needs and interests, and to develop plans for projects and activities to meet the individual student needs.

Lincoln’s core curriculum and the State standards are central to the educational experiences of all students. The least restrictive environment (LRE) promotes maximum interaction between students with disabilities and the general education population, and provides the most appropriate education for those students.

Based on the unique needs of our students, a variety of program options are available throughout the district. Accelerated classes, foreign language offerings in grades 7-8, cluster groups, seminars, extension activities, artists-in-residence, performing arts, multimedia productions, student clubs, and other special projects and programs are available at various schools. Academic, experiential and social community building opportunities are also provided through extended day/extended year programs within the district.