This community continues to provide Lincoln staff with critical assistance in the form of volunteers, mentors, boosters, advisory councils, site councils, parent groups, and PTA members. They include familiar faces of parent leaders who move through the system with their children, as well as the new faces of families recently attracted to the growing community and its thriving school system. Retired adults, local merchants, and professional people are also generous contributors of their time and services to Lincoln campuses, as well as student teachers and volunteers from local universities and the community college. Lincoln district's Office of Community Development coordinates business, academic, and community collaborations and volunteer opportunities. During the 1995-96 school year, more than 300 new business and volunteer connections were developed. A major fundraising effort is the Italian Street Painting Festival, which generates supplemental funding for the district's fine and performing arts programs.

Lincoln Unified has many groups that provide support for our students' education programs. The largest is the Lincoln Council PTA, which has a membership of over 4,000 parents, teachers, students, and community members. Each PTA unit has a program to promote child safety, welfare, and education. Typical PTA programs include sponsorship of open houses, art shows, science fairs, hobby nights, and musical programs.

The PTAs also have fundraising activities to provide extra school equipment and materials. PTA and PTSA membership is encouraged since that is the organization that consistently promotes the best interest of the children. They serve as representatives in our state and national capitols where legislation for the care and protection of children is developed. In the district, the PTAs serve as advisory bodies to the principals and superintendent. Names of past presidents and Honorary Service Award honorees of the Lincoln Council PTA are inscribed on plaques displayed in the Education Center.

Hundreds of community members serve as volunteers in the classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and meeting rooms. Most are active as classroom volunteers, primarily in tutoring, correcting papers, and preparing materials. Thousands of volunteer hours are logged in our libraries resulting in the circulation of over 350,000 library books. Many citizens serve on advisory committees for bilingual education, school improvement programs, compensatory education, vocational education, music, and special education.

Community members have an opportunity to preview materials, serve on curriculum committees and contribute to a master plan for professional development priorities through their individual School Site Councils and a district wide Professional Development Committee.