Professional Development
District Support for Professional Development

The focus of professional development in Lincoln Unified is on high-quality on-going training programs with intensive follow up and support. In addition, the district supports growth-promoting processes such as study groups, action research, and peer coaching. The belief is that professional development is essential for everyone who affects student learning. The training opportunities offered are aligned with district content standards for student performance. These standards are adapted from state standards and are consistent with the California frameworks. By offering the same training over multiple years, the district provides sufficient intensity and duration to have a positive and lasting impact on the students’ performance in the classroom.

Professional development opportunities for teachers, classified employees and administrators are planned after the district and schools have completed their plans for student achievement. Education Services works with the schools to prioritize their needs and partners with them to plan, implement, and fund professional development activities.

A monthly staff development brochure that outlines upcoming district training opportunities is sent to all sites and participating private schools, and is available below.

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) 2-Day and 5-Day Workshops
March - May PDQ