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Education Services
provides division-level direction and management of the departments of Child Welfare and Attendance, Instructional Services, Special Education, and State and Federal Programs. In addition, Education Services is responsible for assessment and evaluation, educational technology, and professional development.
Coordination of services in this division include: the LEA Plan, school plans, science camp, School Accountability Reports (SARCs), library services and library councils, grant and research writing/approval, promotion/retention,
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) implementation, summer school and extended year programs, the art docent program, and the music program.

Contact Us:

Lisa Cheney, Associate Superintendent of Education Services
Education Services
2010 W. Swain Road
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 953-8714
(209) 953-8713 fax
Terry Cumpian, Adminstrative Assistant
Education Services
2010 W. Swain Road
Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 953-8714
(209) 953-8713 fax

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AERIES - Student Information
 After School Education and Safety » (Early Childhood Education)
LEA Plan & Program Improvement Title III Plan
• Anti-Bullying » (LUSD Instructional Support Center)
• Assessment Calendars » (Instructional Services)
• MAP » (LUSD Instructional Support Center) 
Associate Superintendent's Office • MAP Instructional Videos » (LUSD Instructional Support Center)

Music Programs
Calendar-LCAP » (LCFF/LCAP)
Child Welfare and Attendance  No Child Left Behind » (Associate Superindent's Office)
 CPS Reporting Forms » (Child Welfare and Attendance)

Pacing & Reporting Calendar » (LUSD Instructional Support Center)
• Destination Learning Management » (LUSD Instructional Support Center)
Parent Notification-Program Improvement School Choice » (Program Improvement Title I)
District Program Improvement Letter » (Program Improvement Title I)
• Parent Notification-SES » (Program Improvement Title I)

Parent Notification of Rights & Responsibility
Preschool sign up » (Early Childhood Education)
Early Childhood Education
Professional Development
Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Funding • Program Improvement
• EIA Allocation Plan 2013-2014 » (Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Funding) Program Improvement Schools » (Program Improvement Title I)
 EIA Funding 2013-14 » (Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Funding)  • Program Improvement Title I
English Learners
Program Improvement Title III
 English Learner Program Information » (English Learners)

Extended Year/Summer » (Instructional Services)
 Extended Day Learning Program » (Early Childhood Education)
 Registration » (Child Welfare and Attendance)

• Report Cards » (Instructional Services)

FAQ-Local Control Funding Formula » (LCFF/LCAP)
• Federal Programs » (State and Federal Programs)
Safe & Drug Free Schools
• Final Version-LCAP » (LCFF/LCAP)
School Accountability Report Card-LUSD  » (Associate Superintendent's Office)
 First 5 Preschool » (Early Childhood Education)  • School of Choice Letters » (Program Improvement Title I)  

Science Camp
Single Plan For Student Achievement
• GATE » (Instructional Services)
Special Education 

Staff Development
State and Federal Programs 
Health Services  State Preschools » (Early Childhood Education)
• Histroy-SoSci Grades K-5 » (LUSD Instructional Support Center) 
• Stakeholder Engagement Meetings-LCFF/LCAP » (LCFF/LCAP)
 • HIV/AIDS Education » (Health Services)
• Step UP » (LUSD Instructional Support Center)
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• Instructional Materials/Williams Act » (Instructional Services)   504 Plan » (Child Welfare and Attendance)
Instructional Services 
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