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Request for Pre-Qualified Contractors                       
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Contractor Prequalification Package
  Future Lease-leaseback projects:                                                      
     new building construction                                                             
     school modernization
     portable modernization

Approved Contractors
2018-19 Approved PreQual list
Posted 03/07/2019

Currently Out to Bid
Request for Proposal

Child Nutrition Services
2019-20 Food & Supply Quote
2019-20 Bid Docs Supply Items
2019-20 Bid Docs Produce
2019-20 Bid Docs Linen
2019-20 Bid Docs Food Items
2019-20 Bid Docs Dairy
2019-20 Bid Docs Bread and Baked Goods
2019-20 Bid Docs Beverage

Developer Fees Received
2017-18 Developer Fees Received