Early Childhood Education
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First 5 & State Preschool General Information
The Lincoln Unified Preschool Program has been designed to enable children to set their own goals and to work toward accomplishing these goals. We offer students opportunities within a carefully planned daily routine to work and play independently, make choices, pursue their own interests, and problem solve throughout the process. Children in the Lincoln Unified Preschool Program are assisted, guided and supported by adults who are aware of their developmental needs, and who will focus on the children's choices and decisions, strengths and areas of need.
Program Assurances
Lincoln Unified School District’s Preschool Programs are operated according to the Early Education and Support Division of the California Department of Education's regulations and guidelines, which include but are not limited to the following assurances:
  • The program will refrain from religious instruction and worship;
  • Each site has a current license issued by the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services;
  • Children who meet the eligibility criteria established by the California Department of Education will be served without regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability in determining which children are served.
  • The program welcomes the enrollment of children with disabilities and understands the requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make reasonable accommodations for such children and implement those accommodations.
  • At no time will any child be subject to corporal punishment.
  • The program will support families by referring them to health and social services in San Joaquin County.
Days of Operation
The half-day preschool program operates on the same calendar as the K-12 program and observes the same holidays and vacations; the half-day preschool program begins and ends school on the same days as the Lincoln Unified elementary and high school sites.
The hours of operation for the a.m. classes are 8:00-11:00. The hours of operation for the p.m. classes are 12:00-3:00.
Preschool classrooms will be staffed in one of two ways depending on how the classroom is funded and the staff that is hired to fill those positions. Currently, each preschool class of 24 children is staffed with one Lead Preschool Instructor, one Associate Preschool Instructor and one Paraprofessional. First 5 classrooms meet quality criteria requirements with one Lead Preschool Instructor and one Associate Preschool Instructor in a classroom with 20 children. The Instructors and Paraprofessionals at each site meet all qualifications established by the Early Education and Support Division of the California Department of Education.