Interdistrict Transfers
Arial San Joaquin County

If a resident of Lincoln Unified School District wishes for his/her child to attend a school outside of the Lincoln USD attendance boundaries, the parent/guardian must submit an Interdistrict Attendance Request form to the  Enrollment Services Office, 2010 W. Swain Rd. (Contact Terry Cumpian or Eva Salto, 209-953-8711.) Transfers are processed, approved or denied and forwarded to the requested district. Final approval is made by the requested district.

If a student wishes to attend a Lincoln USD school and the parent/guardian does not live within the District's attendance boundaries, the parent/guardian must apply for the Interdistrict Attendance Agreement (IDA) from the current district of residence. The district of residence will approve or deny the request. Should they approve, the request will be forwarded to Lincoln USD for its consideration. An IDA approved by both the district of residence and Lincoln USD is required for anyone living outside of District boundaries who wishes to attend a Lincoln USD school.

Interdistrict attendance agreements are granted based on the following criteria:
1. Space available in the requested grade and/or program(s)
2. A positive record of behavior
3. Good attendance
4. Consistent academic progress, with no "F's" in any subject

Lincoln USD reserves the right to determine whether or not to accept interdistrict attendance transfer requests.

Please contact the
Enrollment Services for additional information. (209 953-8711)

Download an Interdistrict Attendance Agreement
request form. This form is used to request a transfer to leave Lincoln Unified School District for another school district.